If you require prices for the USA or Europe to please contact us.

We are proudly partnered with the worlds biggest and most advanced climbing hold manufacturer in COMPOSITE-X. All our products will be manufactured in Dannomond unless stated otherwise. Dannomond is growing in its reputation as the lightest and most durable Polyurethane in the industry. We look forward to bringing you new materials that could offer new qualities to our holds and your experience as they are introduced by Composite-X.


For all Australian Orders, Prices and Sales please contact the team at Climbing Anchors for the latest prices and stock availability. We have partnered with Climbing Anchors to provide you with the best and most economical way of purchasing and receiving climbing holds for your gym or home wall.


Please refer to the Distributors page for your local dealer. If you are in a country without a distributor please contact us directly for an order form.


Our main texture is a fine grain used by many large companies. We believe it to be the best texture for looking after your skin and prolonging your training session.

In the development of new ranges we may alter the surface texture or use a different medium to design our shapes. We will always strive for a friendly surface which will be a pleasure to hold onto.


2 Bright Yellow

RAL 1023. Pan. 114C

5 Traffic Red

RAL 3020. Pan. 186C

7 Sky Blue

RAL. 5015. Pan. 7461C

10 Jet Black

RAL. 9005. Pan. BlacC

11 Fluro Orange

RAL. 2005. Pan. 805C

12 Fluro Green

RAL. Pan. 802C

13 Fluro Pink

RAL. Pan. 806C

69 16-09 US Green

RAL. 6018. Pan. 368C

76 US 14-01 Orange

77 US 16-16 Green

79 Pure White

RAL. 9010

81 US 17-13 Purple

Pan. 267U

Colour matching between Composite-X in Europe and Aragon in the USA.

CX Black 10. Good match to Aragon Black 18-01
CX Green 77. Good match to Aragon 16-16
CX Fluro Orange 11. Close match to Aragon 14-11
CX Fluro Green 12. Good match to Aragon 16-29
CX Fluro Pink 13. Not a good match to Aragon Bright pink 11-26. Closer match to Dayglo pink 11-25.
CX Purple 81. Good match to Aragon 17-13
CX White 79. Good match to Aragon 12-01
CX Red 5. Close match to Aragon bright red 11-24. Much lighter than the Aragon standard red 11-12
CX Blue 7. Lighter than Aragon 13-01. Less noticeable on small holds but in larger holds it shows more.
CX Yellow 2. Close match but slightly brighter than Aragon 15-12 .
CX Orange 76. Not a good match to Aragon 14-01.