A little bit about


Unleashed Climbing was started in 2016 by Will Watkins to offer the Australian climbers and Gym owners a local Australian line of climbing holds that were cost effective and easily available. Our focus has always been to produce the best quality product, using the best quality materials available to us. In the last two years Unleashed has grown rapidly and with the materials available in Australia it was time to look at overseas manufacturing.


​We are lucky enough to strike up a partnership with Composite-X in Bulgaria and have our products manufactured in what is widely regarded as the worlds leading polyurethane DANNOMOND. This means that all our holds will be strong, light, and have a surface durability to survive even the busiest gyms.


​We will be working with some of the worlds best Distributors to enable you access to Unleashed Climbing Holds where ever you are in the world.

Will has over 20 years experience in hold shaping and design. ‘ From the beginning i was fascinated with the way holds should look and blend in to create a seamless transition to the wall.’ Starting out in the local gym in the UK early sets of holds were used to supplement the gyms meager hold supply. The shapes were at best average however there were a few that hit the mark and are still kicking about today.


Moving to Australia in 2000 for a change in life saw Will drift in and out of climbing however the passion for shaping never dwindled. Will started playing with shapes on and off over the years. In 2014 he saw a gap in the market and started working on building a new company. It was not until 2015 that life and funds allowed Will to start Unleashed Climbing and in 2016 the first Unleashed shapes hit the market.


With Unleashed, Will wants to continually grow large families of holds. Each family will over time evolve and develop into the best possible blend of style and functionality. From the smooth lines of the Eclipse to the detail of the Drifts and many more styles in the future, every effort will be made to make each hold as comfortable and user friendly as possible.